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If you have fallen victim to a funding or business credit scam then you are NOT alone. There are people out there that can help. This site has been dedicated to documenting information to help inform others and help to assist in bringing to justice these types of criminals and shedding light on their behaviors and the techniques they use to control their victims.

You may find names of individuals or companies here that you have dealt with or provide us information on individuals or companies that you have dealt with that you feel are NOT legitimate sources.


This is a FREE service.

The purpose of this site is to give you a voice and help us shed light onto fraudulent behavior that typically goes unpunished.

Note throughout the pages of our site any words / phrases highlighted in RED are hyperlinks to attachments or related content.

IF you have been a victim leave your story here. Don’t let them get away and let them hurt others.

We can help get you in touch with the right people who can help you get restitution by visiting http://www.beautifulpeoplellc.com/# .


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Note: Feel free to post your story below. Email and Website fields are not required. However, if you wish for us to contact you then please leave an email address….THX.

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  1. Paid upfront 67 $ never received my product he ignores my call please flag he runs ads in all states and cities selling cpn.scn numbers his number is 5863213149

  2. scott says:

    Could you please contact me regarding Edward Campbell.We want to verify some things he told us. He also took money from us. We feel possibly scammed by him. Please contact scott at

  3. Campbell duplicated this scam? says:

    From the looks of things on here Ed Campbell duplicated the same scam that Fishman did sans the Galveston bonds. Fishman is currently serving 262 years in prison.


  4. In June 2013, I was scammed by a company: First Union Financing via Kimberly @ KDC Financial Corporation (broker)@ fax 888-816-0064 & 303-284-4810 in Denver, Colorado for $995 for closing costs on my business loan of $420,000.

    I don’t know if the broker was involved, because she, Kimberly gave testimony that this company was legitimate, because she had received her American Express Card. So, she said. The money was collected via Green Dot Money Card. The card info was faxed to her @ 888-816-0064. She claims she was scammed, too, but she received the Green Dot card info from me and she has avoided communicating with me about helping me get my funds back.

    I can’t get the information from Green Dot Card regarding who received the funds without a police report and supoena from the courts.

    These companies have, since, shut their websites down. They claim that AMEX Business is involved. I hope this information will help someone in the future.

    I was directed to this broker through another broker that I trusted: Allan Desgrottes, Small Business Loans Consulting; alansmerchantaccount@yahoo.com @917-974-1435.

    I hope this info helps,
    Debby Jupiter

  5. Victor Andino says:

    I was a victim of a scam from a lending firm. The name of the firm is Schaefer lending firm. They are located at 500 summer street suite 406 Stamford ct 06901 their is 800 508 2850. They scammed me out $845 on Friday aug 2nd 2013. The person I spoke is her name is Isabel Crawford she told me I had to pay $845 in to get a $25000 I was approve for. I signed a contract I sent the money via western union to a guy named Daniel wilts in Hamilton Ontario Canada. That same at 4:30 I recieve a call from the lending firm with sounding voice telling that more careful evaluation they decided in order for me to get the loan I had to send another $845 in order. I’ve been calling them all day yesterday and today their phone is disconnected. As a result of all this my wife vehicle was repo and we owe backed and other bills. We thought by get that kind of loan we bring most of our bills upto date.

  6. Rachel white says:

    Please contact me


  7. jesus says:

    there is a guy named Charles witman he took from me 1350 dollars, saying that he will fix my credit and send me a high limit cc and that never happened

  8. Jonathan Griffin says:

    Please contact me and put me in contact with others who have been scammed by Edward Campbell

  9. Charles says:

    Robert Winecoff contacted a friend and I by phone two years ago in September of 2011 regarding an investment opportunity and trade program in New Zealand. At the time we had some minor interest but was waiting for more details regarding the various investments plans. Several days later Robert Winecoff contacted us again stating he had just found out about another deal that was producing a much greater financial return in just thirty days. This deal consisted of an investment of $12,500 (per bond) for a Chinese Gold Back Bond program with a return of $29 Million Dollars. I explained that I only had half of that amount. Robert Winecoff said we would be fine because he had more than enough people involved to cover us. I wired the money to Robert Winecoff via Western Union to a location in North Carolina because he said there was a deadline to get in the deal. We had daily phone conversations with Robert Winecoff for about a month. After he received the money he said being that my friend and I were now officially his clients he would be sending us a $50,000 bonus. After that he stopped taking our calls and eventually emailed us Edward Campbell’s number stating he was the guy that this deal belonged to and we would be dealing with him directly until we were to be paid. I called Edward Campbell and he welcomed us to the program and assured us we would be paid by the end of November 2011. Since that time we have received over 150 emails within the last year and a half, which eventually stopped in March 2013. We had numerous phone conversations two to three times per week as well. The longer the delay with the payout the more the payout amount increased. At one point in December 2012 we received contract saying we would be paid $42 Million Dollars. In March 2013 we received another contract from Ed Campbell but this one actually had his signature on it with a payout amount of $3 Million Dollars. He said as soon as we returned the signed contract we would be paid. To date it has been one excuse after another such as; the money has been approved by the Commerce Department, Department of Homeland Security and the money is in Chase Bank (February 2012). Then the real lies started like; the paymaster was on his way to the back to transfer the funds when he was hit by a tractor-trailer, the paymaster was on his way to the bank but was called into Federal Court by the Judge. Most of the nearly 150 emails we received were written by Edward Campbell but sent to us by William and Edgar from Soto Holdings. Edward Campbell stressed that this was not a scam or ponzi scheme. I visited William Soto and Edgar Ortiz at their office in Long Island, New York and claimed they had been working with Robert Winecoff for a number of years and had been successful in receiving payouts. But now it seems clear that these guys are partners and they are the only ones getting paid. It seems that they have been doing this for years and they need to be prosecuted. I would like to have Edward Campbell honor his signed contract for $3 Million Dollars. I have all of my documents and receipts regarding this deal, what can I do to get restitution ASAP. Mike Winans from the famous Winans’ singing group was involved in a similar bond deal and paid millions in restitution and is currently serving 14 years in federal prison. With all of the people these guys have scammed for so many years how do they continue to get away with this? I have tons of documentation upon request, please help.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Have you all gotten any money back from Edward Campbell? Are you going forward with a lawsuit? Do you need help finding him?

  11. Ismet Jahovic says:

    I was charged $1000 from lease loan for another program and never got funding and she says program got shut down and she doesnt have the $1000. Its been three months.

  12. brad smith says:

    Ed campbell appears to be connected to Thomas Walkley of Akron and they both appear to be involved in this scam. Is it possible you could contact me? I know the securities division of the State of Ohio have/are still investigating Ed.

  13. Gregory says:

    I paid for credit repair from a Tom Post (202)791-8597. I waited and waited and wAited until he stopped responding back. I paid $300 for the service via moneypak

  14. Theo Cooke says:

    I was scammed from a individual (Tom Saxton) Newport Beach CA. I sent him $250 via money gram for a CPN and $15000 c.c

    The numbers he was using 949-698-0598/323-319-6060 and his email address Thomas.sexton27@gmail.com

    his address Thomas Legare Sexton

    1940 E 16th ST
    Apt G 307
    Newport Beach Ca 92663

    Please advise

  15. donna hobart says:

    I have been scammed from a love online back in 2011 of 20k lost my job and vehicles. I have been scamed my nigeerians for loans paid fees and never received a loan. have also paid fees to people supposeably that are in the usa in virgina and California and Nevada. everyone on line are wanting fees I have been every where and even nys they want fees for something like ins documents etc

  16. Lina says:

    WARNING! Do not trust Lita of consulting group services!! She claims her name is Lita Atkins, but a quick search of that name yeilds only a result of a 50-something year old woman in texas when this lady claims to live on the east coast and says she is only 42. She uses phone number 8777874344 and 8774076200 and uses the email lleta2013@yahoo.com. This woman promises loans of $3000 or more. I tried to get a loan of $7,500 through her. She talks and talks on the phone and makes you think she is your best friend, that she’s a professional who can assemble the documents and connections needed to get you a loan. At first, she promised this would only cost me $250 to get done- she swears she never said that now, but I have emails directly from her that I’d be willing to show anyone that say this. Soon after I already busted my butt to pay the $250, the excuses kept piling on as to why she needed more money- and the only way she would take it is non-traceable ways, basically a vanilla re-load card. Every time this woman would promise it would be the very last amount of money needed to complete my file, and every time it would be a lie and the next day would be another $50 charge. This woman is a leech who ended taking over $1000 from me even though she had the audacity to talk to my 2 year old daughter on the phone. Do not trust her, I paid and paid until I couldn’t pay anymore. Trust me, save your time and money. You are better off never speaking to her. I don’t believe for a second her name is even Lita. She refuses to even tell you the names of the companies she claims to work with. She’s a horrible human being who doesn’t care about manipulating others. Don’t fall for her like I did.

  17. barry edwards says:

    has anybody paid in licensing fees to THCPharmaceuticals
    and now cannot get a response?
    Website and login are still functioning. System confirms messages are being received.

    • JD says:

      Sir, I have 13 people involved with THC Pharmaceuticals, and their Reverse Merger. It seems that the same thing has happened to us as well. They got over $35K from us and now they won’t reply after communicating since October 2014. Please resond to me? Regards.

  18. R. Garrett says:

    aka gmsfinancialgroup.com

    They take your money, then it’s silence…no work…can’t get in touch with anyone…don’t do anything as promised.

    From what I can tell researching, there are several aliases attached to GMS Financial Group, one of which is MidWest Financial Group.

  19. C. Irwin says:

    I was scammed by GMS Financial Group (aka Mid West Financial Group)as well. It appears as though they are trying to change up their website and stuff in order to stay in business. I also see that more people are starting to complain about their scam. I know that I have filed a complaint with the BBB and Consumer Protection Bureau. Good luck all!

  20. AB Moore says:

    I just want these f#ckers to either provide the services ordered or give me my money back!!!!!

  21. C Irwin says:

    Mid West Financial Group became GMS Financial Group, and is now doing business as USA Shelf Corporations. It’s all the same scam. You’ll find some interesting reading on ripoffreport.com

    Caveat Emptor!

  22. James Green says:

    Please be aware of Regency Financial LLC. It is run by Ivan Levy. They were supposed to be helping me refinance my car loan for a fee of $499 in which I paid $250 of that. After I told my current lender about them they immediately warned me not deal with them & after I researched the on the internet I found out all kind of complaints against them & they were all negative. They are real scammers & get nasty with you after you want your money back. I know I will probably never get my money back but at least I can warn others before they fall for this scam. Every time Mr Levy was supposed to be moving forward with my case he had some kind of excuse & everytime I call i always got his voicemail & he would call me back late at night with an excuse except when he wanted the money he would be real easy to get a hold of. I do pray though that i can get my $250 back from him.

  23. e. williams says:

    I paid Ashley Brittany She conned about $300 out of me and ask for a different everyday. I was trying to get a loan.

  24. Charles says:

    This is my second request asking for assistance regarding a Chinese Bond Certificate Program I entered with Robert Winecoff, Edward Campbell (Rosewood Consulting) and Soto Holdings. In October of 2011 I gave $6,000.00 to Robert Winecoff to participate in the program and several days later I was put in contact with Edward Campbell who stated this was a deal he put together to help a lot of people gain wealth. I was told that I would receive 28 Million Dollars from this deal in about thirty days. As months and now years went by the amount I was supposed to receive grew into as much as 42 Million Dollars. He kept coming up with excuse after excuse such as; the amount of the deal was so great that the U. S. Treasury Dept. and the Dept. of Homeland Security had to review the deal and sign off on it. This was around February 2012 at which time he said he would cut anybody out of the deal if they made any attempt to contact either of these agencies. Then the money was in Chase Bank but the Attorney that was responsible for the payouts was on his way to the bank but was called into court by a Federal Judge. Then months later another person was assigned to make the payouts was on the way to the bank but was hit by a tractor-trailer. After this incident Ed Campbell stated that the money was in Chase Bank for such a long time that DHS froze the account and eventually took the money. This has now grown into four years and Ed Campbell is still coming up with lies. The last contract I received was in March of 2013 which was signed by Ed Campbell stating I would receive a payout of 3 Million Dollars. Now he is saying that his wife threw him out, he’s broke and he’s homeless. What on earth can I do to get my money back from these people? Mike Winans from the famous Winans Gospel singing group is currently serving 14 years in Federal Prison for a similar Oil Bond Program even after he paid back millions of dollars to his clients. So I don’t understand how it is that Ed Campbell and these guys who are obviously working together continue to get away with such a Ponzi-Scheme and Wire Fraud. Please help! I last wrote on this blog about a year ago but never received a response. There has got to be some kind of legal recourse to get a refund on my money. Please response.
    Thank You!

    • Paul says:

      I too have been scammed by Campbell/Rosewood for $100K. Let’s get together and get him prosecuted and some money back! How can we talk personally about this?

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