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IBOM Bank: scam watch list

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Below is a copy of the text and a link to the IBOM Bank webpage regarding scams. IBOM Bank is the entity that supports and promotes BVK (Bougainville Kina) as an emerging currency.


Bank officers known at this time are:

Mr. Patrick E.J. Steensma, listed as IBOM Legal Counselor & IBOM Proxy

Irene Schoots-Hoddenbagh, listed asAdministration Manager & IBOM Proxy

Watch List for Scams

We do the best we can to police the web for scams involving IBOM clones but we find that there is so many that some fall through the cracks.
So we are going to place this special Scam Watch list on here.

If they are on the list they are doing unsanctioned business using the IBOM name, shame on them. Before you do business with anyone declaring themselves as IBOM sanctioned please check this list. If you have any information about a scam please send an email to ibom.legal@ibom.biz.

The King cannot fix everyone who has been wronged by scam artists but if he knows of someone who believed in the IBOM/Bougainville ideals and have been taken advantage of because of that belief, the King feels an obligation to nurture that belief and right that wrong.

Below is a list of people and organizations for which IBOM is required to warn you about, because these people and organizations have nothing to do with IBOM, nor are they IBOM-officers or IBOM-shareholders, or are any claims of their representation of IBOM true. We therefore warn IBOM Account Holders, or those who are thinking of becoming one, who are contemplating getting involved with these people and/or entities.

Mr. Edward I. Campbell, (aka Edward I. Pigford) Rosewood Consulting LLC, 923 E. Broad Street, Columbus, OHIO 43205, USA or 5224 Reynoldsburg Baltimore RD. NW Baltimore, OH 43105.

Susan Elona Abernathy, Reno, Nevada (connected to Edward I. Campbell and Rosewood Consulting LLC)

Mr. Clark Eslin, World Wide Funding Solutions. 4623 Hidden Shadow Drive, Tampa Florida, USA; www.worldwidefs.com.au

Mr. Mohammad Gaffes – connected to Clark Eslin of Worldwide Funding Solutions

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