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3. WARNING: Edward I. Campbell (Additional Information)

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Ed Campbell DL

Here is additional info on Edward I. Campbell:

  • The address listed above on Edward I. Campbell’s Driver’s License is his mother’s current address and she still lives there with Edward I Campbell’s stepfather; his stepfather’s last name is Campbell
  • Edward I. Campbell’s last name at birth was “Pigford”
  • Told by a reliable source that his father left him when Edward I. Campbell was about 3 years old
  • Not seen any legal adoption paperwork for Edward I. Campbell that he was ever legally adopted
  • As an adult he legally changed his name from “Pigford” to “Campbell” the reason he gave was that he did not want to be called “Pigford” anymore
  • There are many judgments against Edward I. Campbell (See here)
  • Found out that Edward I. Campbell was lying about being a Navy Seal
  • Found that he was in the Navy Reserve for roughly 1 ½ years and was released with a DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE (This information was attained from a copy of his DD Form 214, which is his discharge papers and separation documents)
  • Edward I. Campbell is in his 30’s and he already wears full dentures and often stays in motel/hotel rooms in his local area. This behavior is consistent with drug use, possibly methamphetamine or cocaine use
  • Edward I. Campbell’s new wife is Sarah Campbell (Weaver), age mid-twenties
  • Made contact with his ex-wife
  • Edward I. Campbell has 3 three daughter from his ex-wife, his current wife has 3 daughters of her own and a newborn with Edward I. Campbell, but he has no sons
  • Edward I. Campbell currently owes back child support over $13,000
  • Edward I. Campbell does not have a MBA degree from an accredited college
  • Bought MBA Certificate online for $250
  • Edward I. Campbell’s business partner, Andy Pfeifer, went to prison for fraud and still has to pay restitution to many people (See attachment here)(See article posted by US Loan Auditors here)
  • Edward I. Campbell’s company HYPERDESIGN SERVICES, INC., had its Certificate of Authority cancelled by the State Secretary of Ohio in 2009 for failure to file corporate tax report or pay taxes within the time prescribed by law (See letter from State attached here)
  • Edward I. Campbell known aliases, some are hyperlinked with additional content:

    Rosewood Consulting
    Handsonhearts Reiki  <– You Tube videos featuring Edward I. Campbell


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