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8. WARNING: Gale Austrie (aka William McKeith)

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Below is the Police Report #12PF-22217 that was submitted to the Post Falls Police Department in Post Falls, Idaho, along with our proof of loss on November 1, 2012.

Gale Austrie Police Report #12PF-22217

Through many phone conversations Gale Austrie solicited to us that she could help us obtain non-qualifying $50k personal loan and non-qualifying high limit credit cards.  She emailed us several options and pricing for her upfront fees and back-end fees. (See her email below to us dated May 24, 2012 11:08AM.)

On Thu, May 24, 2012 at 11:08 AM, William Mc Keith <financialinvestment1@gmail.com> wrote:


We have 5 cards and 2 loan programs.

Non-Qualifying High Limit Credit Cards:

$10k Limit-BOA          $250 Upfront Fee      10% Backend Fee

$20k Limit                   $500 Upfront Fee       10% Backend Fee

$60k Limit                   $1100 Upfront Fee     10% Backend Fee

$100K Limit                $2000 Upfront Fee     10% Backend Fee

$750k Limit-Amex       $6k Upfront Fee        10% Backend Fee

Navy C.U. 52k Auto Loan                          $1000 Upfront Fee

Suntrust Bank $50k personal loan                 $900 Upfront Fee

We were first introduced to Gale through her associate Hank. Hank sold the Aged-Corporations and Gale Austrie claims she does the Non-Personal Guarantee (NPG) Funding for the Aged-Corporations.

Hank gave us Gale Austrie’s phone number.  Hank thought maybe she could help us get Non-Personal Guarantee (NPG) Aged-Corporations Funding, but he told us he did not know her well personally.

She wanted us to deposit cash into her Bank of America account.  We were wary of sending Gale any upfront money because we did not know her very well. So to ease our mind she told us her First name Last name, Phone Number, Social Security Number and Date of Birth to convince us that she was not trying to scam us.
See below the actual information she gave us in an email:

Gale Austrie
407-914-0496 PHONE
580-25-2363 SSAN
07-02-1981 DOB

So we decided to go ahead and give Gale the money. You can see that she provided her bank account information at Bank of America.  (See attached email dated May 24, 2012 2:19pm.)

From: William Mc Keith <financialinvestment1@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, May 24, 2012 at 2:19 PM
Subject: gale austrie


Bank information BOA

1Grand Solutions LLC

501 N Orlando Ave Ste 313 125

Winter Park Fl 32789




We also filled out credit applications for her so she now has our personal information and we’re not certain what she may do with it.

On May 24, 2012, we paid her a total amount of $4500 for two (2) $50k loans and one (1) $100k High Limit Credit Card (of which $700 was for expedite service fee).

The additional fee of $700 paid for expedite service guaranteed us that we would receive our two (2) $50k loans and one (1) $100k High Limit Credit Card within three (3) business days of our payment.

More than three (3) business days passed and we did not receive our loans or credit card.  We called Gale Austrie to find out what was the status of our loans and Gale Austrie said she would check it out and get back to us.

Then Gale Austrie called back a few days later and said her contact at the bank told her we should be getting our funding in a day or so.

Another couples days past and we still had not received our loans or credit card nor we contacted by any bank so we called Gale Austrie once again to inquire of the status of our loans.

Again, Gale Austrie sounded shocked that we haven’t received our loans or credit card by then.

Once again, Gale Austrie told us she will get to the bottom of this and she will get back to us.

We waited another couple of days then we called Gale Austrie because she did not call us back as promised.  We made many attempts to get in touch with Gale Austrie during the first two weeks of June 2012 but we were unable to get a hold of Gale Austrie during this period.

As of July 12, 2012 we had not received our loans or credit card or gotten any updates of the status of our loans.  But, once we finally got hold of Gale Austrie she told us that there was a back log and it would take approximately 30 days longer for us to get our loans and credit card.

We reminded Gale Austrie that we had paid $700 extra for speedy 3 day process we had yet to receive.  At this point it had been close to 2 months and Gale Austrie was telling us that it would take another 30 days and even that was not certain.

Immediately, we requested return of the money that was paid to Gale Austrie.

In the beginning, Gale Austrie promised us that she would return our money at any time we felt uncomfortable and we agreed once we received our two $50k loans and the $100k credit card we would pay then pay her fees in full.

Gale Austrie at that time agreed to return our money immediately.

However, another week went by and we did not get our refund from Gale Austrie as promised.

It took us another day or two to get hold of Gale Austrie.  We asked Gale Austrie what was her intentions on really returning our money?  Once again, we reminded Gale Austrie that in the beginning she told us that she would return our money anytime we feel uncomfortable and wanted our money returned.

We were then told by Gale Austrie that she had to take a trip to Jamaica to see her son graduate from high school, but she would take care of our refund before she left on her trip to Jamaica…but we never got our money back.

Communication began to breakdown at this point. The trip to Jamaica to see her son graduate turned into a longer vacation, and then it turned into something about having to investigate the wrongful death of her brother without definitive time for her return.

It has been over a month since Gale Austrie tried to return our money without any sucess.

It was during this time that she did not return any of our calls or emails. Several weeks went by before she finally called and told us that her phone got wet and she had not been able to call anyone. The call lasted all of two minutes.  Gale Austrie promised she would call us back once she got her new cell phone that day. But, once again she failed to call us back as promised.

We went back to Hank, who introduced us to Gale Austrie, to find out if he had heard from her and if he had any additional information on her programs. We asked him if he could validate anyone of Gale Austrie’s clients receiving their credit cards, $50k loans or NPG funding of which they paid for in advance to Gale Austrie.

Hank said in his email to us dated on August 4, 2012, at 10:20 pm,

“Hello, unfortunately I have not talked to Gale in about a month she will not talk to me because I have exposed her as a fraud. She is not doing the right thing by keeping anyone’s money. All I can say is do whatever you have to do to get your money back and stop her from scamming other people. Good Luck!”

Once we received Hank’s email we became alarmed.  We tried even harder to make contact with Gale Austrie at the last known phone number we had, but by then this number was no longer a working number.

The last written communication sent to her was at the end of August 2012 pleading for her to respond to our many requests.  Gale Austrie has never returned any of our emails since her trip to Jamaica, we never received our two $50k loans and $100k credit card and we never got our money back.

Now we know that we were scammed because she has completely disappeared and is not responding to us at all.


On November 1, 2012 we filed an official police report in the city where we first deposited the money to Gale Austrie’s bank account. The detective has forwarded all that information to the local authorities in Florida where Gale Autrie lives and they have managed to contact her.

Since then, we found another number for her: 305-748-7719 and information on her partners.

Here is Gale Austrie’s business partners names, addresses and Gale Austrie’s other address:

John Clark

2220 Gulfstream Drive

Miramar, FL  33023


Rodolfo A. Catalan III

2220 Gulfstream Drive

Miramar, FL  33023


Gale Austrie

7201 Wood Hill Park Drive

Orlando, FL  32818


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  1. matt smith says:

    I too have been scammed by Ed Campbell and was hoping to speak with the party from Oregon regarding their case against him. Is there any way you could forward my e-mail address to them so that I can reach out and discuss issues I’m having with him and others he is associated with?

  2. Lorraine Walker says:

    Yes I ran into

    Gale Austrie in Georgia the last known address was 2795 Clairmont Rd, Atlanta GA her phone # is the same Florida one that is listed. Ms. Austrie took my husband and I for a ride as well. She told us the same story that she told you. We too gave her our personal information and we are very afraid as to what she will do with it. She is a scammer! She uses multiple aliases and carries multiple ID’s. We were scammed big time! Please BEWARE!!!

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