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5. WARNING: Pat Chester, Clear Funding Solutions, LLC

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WARNING: Clear Funding Solutions, LLC, MIC Enterprises, Michelle “Mickey” Chester, Pat Chester or Craig Barringer.

Follow this link to view warrants for Patrick Collins Chester.

Pat Chester also is known to partner up with Mike LaPenna. SEE: http://warningblog.info/warning-mike-lapenna-brave-new-world-brokerage-llc/

Our first contact with Craig Barringer was on June 12, 2012, through email and he was the one that got us in contact with Pat Chester. (Click here to read those initial contact emails.)

We were given the name Clear Funding Solutions, LLC. We believed that we were doing business with Clear Funding Solutions, LLC, and we asked if they were licensed.  Pat told us they were licensed in Florida, California, Washington and Wyoming, but when we looked up Clear Funding Solutions, LLC, on the Secretary of State site in Florida this is what we found:

Florida Limited Liability Company
Filing Information
Document Number L06000080545
FEI/EIN Number 205387215
Date Filed 08/15/2006
State FL
Effective Date 08/15/2006
Event Date Filed 09/26/2008
Event Effective Date NONE
Principal Address
Changed 04/10/2007
Mailing Address
Changed 04/10/2007
Registered Agent Name & Address
Manager/Member Detail
Name & Address
Title MMGR


Also, in Florida, you can find several business listings for Clear Funding Solutions, LLC, but the phone number listed on the Florida2.com listing, http://www.florida2.com/FL/Tampa/Real-Estate-Inspection-Services/Real-Estate-Appraisers/1898521-Clear-Funding-Solutions-LLC.htm (866) 522-5327 always rings a busy signal and NO website is listed, on the Manta listing, http://www.manta.com/c/mm4kfpd/clear-funding-solutions-llc (813) 626-7722 takes you to a company called “Insurance Direct” and there is NO website listed. Another Manta listing here, http://www.manta.com/c/mmlhf3t/clear-funding-solutions (727) 442-1091 only rings and rings and rings.

Nothing at all was found in California, http://kepler.sos.ca.gov/cbs.aspx Wyoming, https://wyobiz.wy.gov/Business/FilingSearch.aspx or Washington, http://www.sos.wa.gov/corps/

They advertised that they could set up a corporation in our name and provide credit in the name of that corporation within 21 days or less for an upfront fee of $2600 per corporation, with a refund policy, if things took longer we could request our fee back. We tried to verify the company’s good standing prior to wiring them any money and since Craig and Pat live locally in the Seattle area we wanted to set up a meeting prior to wiring them any money but we could not. (We eventually did meet Pat in person but it was after the money had been wired, more on that later.)

Email from Pat Chester dated June 15, 2012:

“There seems to be some trepidation on your end, I’ll do my best to calm your fears but I can’t make the decision for you as you need to do what’s best for you. Our parent company is Clear Funding Solutions and we are registered and established in the state of Florida. We do business in three other states, Washington, California, and Wyoming. We have separate  entity’s registered and licensed in every state we do business in. If we’re doing business in Florida then we work directly under our parent company. When we do business in the other three states we are Clear Funding Solutions doing business as the entity licensed in that state. Having said that, I’ve provided our info below so that there aren’t any more questions or concerns on your end. You’ll notice that our office address is documented under our Washington State business license and has been licensed in this state for over five years.

I understand you need to feel safe but I can assure you that we don’t take advantage of people, in fact we go to bat for our clients every day to help them realize the Non PG dream. Also, if we just opened this up to everybody and didn’t take down payments then everybody and their brother would be asking for money and we wouldn’t be able to accomplish what we are doing right now and have the success we do.

As I mentioned earlier, Scott started working on your two corps and files yesterday and I need to let him know by tomorrow morning as to whether or not you’re going forward. If not, that’s ok and we wish you and your partner the very best in your efforts to secure funding. If you are moving forward with us then please confirm that with me so that I can continue to work on your behalf. Once your files are done then I will be taking you and your partner in for funding.”

Clear Funding Solutions
State of Florida
# L06000080545

MIC Enterprises
State of Washington UBI #602762680
8508 Mary Ave NW Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98117
206 708 6425

On June 15, 2012, we first wired $5200 for two corps to Clear Funding Solutions, LLC attn: Pat Chester, LLC, but the wire came back because the names did not match up. It was at this time that Pat asked us to go ahead and wire the money to his mom, explaining that Clear Funding Solutions, LLC, was not his company but a parent company. He added that is mom was a partner with him and Craig they used her account to collect fees. He told us they had their own company named MIC Enterprises, LLC. We looked up MIC Enterprises, LLC, in Washington State and found it, but that the entity had an inactive status. Despite the fact that we could not verify their company was in good standing and after several phone conversations, Pat convinced us to send the money to his mom and get the process started.  We rewired the money directly to Pat’s mom, “Mickey” Chester on June 19, 2012, and very soon Pat Chester provided us with the names of two corps. Firstly, these corps could not be verified to be in good standing nor could he provide proof that they were in our name. When questioned about this Pat would say that he did not know because he does not actually handle the corp setup process, he outsources that part of it out to another guy named Scott. Pat continued to promise us that the corps would get updated and funding would begin by July 18, 2012.

Email from Pat Chester addressing our concerns about the corps not being updated and mentioning the “meeting” we had with him, dated July 9, 2012:

“Per my email earlier, I’m done arguing with you guys and done defending myself and our business. You have concerns and questions and that’s fine. I know what we do and the many lives we’ve changed through our funding programs. I’m sorry that we’re not able to prove ourselves to you and give you the exact info that you want. I can honestly say, this has been the most frustrating experience I’ve had with any client.

As I told Sir today on the phone, your files will stay in process and after I speak with the banks I will be able to give you a more precise funding date. but suffice to say, nothing has changed and a few files in this weeks batch were funded today.

Just a couple things I’d like to say. I never approached you guys and asked if you wanted to order more programs, I was told that you wanted four and we would be paid for those. Never in a million years would we put out the money for those if we weren’t getting paid for them. Be that as it may, we’re done with that and those will be sold by next week.

Sir and I had a meeting scheduled for 9:30am last Monday and I waited an hour and a half for Sir to show up, finally at 11am. I could have been upset or made a stink about it but I didn’t, never even mentioned that I had to cancel a 1pm meeting that day.

We don’t have a website because we rarely ever advertise. We are not positioned to do more than we do right now and we’re not sure how much more we want to take on. After meeting with Sir last week I thought differently and was very much looking forward to striking up a mutually beneficial relationship with the two of you. At this point, I just want to get your two files done and funded and move on.

I have respect for both of you as clients and people and will do my best to see you through to funding.”

Thank you,


As July 18, 2012,  approached we could see that officers’ names were not updated and there had been no foreign filing done in the state of our business address despite Pat telling us repeatedly that the filing had been done. We would call the Secretary Of State every morning to check and see if they had received our foreign filing application and every morning the Secretary Of State would not have any information on our corps.

Email from Pat Chester dated July 13, 2012:

“I realize you want updates and I will give them to you as I get them. The corps have not been updated with Idaho as of noon today and based on the rest of the corps in your batch, we’re looking at Mon/Tue for those to be done. There are several files just like yours that we’re still waiting on. It’s normal and I can’t control the timing of these things.

Having said that, this weeks batch is 90% funded and that’s great news. As I’ve said, once I get the files I get you funded.

I’ll update you again tomorrow or later tonight if news comes.”



This went on day after day.

Email from Pat Chester, July 17, 2012:

“Just waiting until the end of the day today for any new info on the corps, etc… As I mentioned yesterday, if nothing is updated by the end of today then we’ll roll two different corps for you guys and immediately add the tradelines. I’ll let you know what’s happening by end of day today.

Also, I’ve spoken with my banks and they’re holding your spot in line, along with the rest of the batch that you’re in with.”


Pat then said he would have to change from Scott setting up our corps (because Scott had taken on more files than he could handle) to another group in Arizona that could handle our files.

Email from Pat Chester, July 18, 2012:

We’re going forward with two new corps for your files. From my experience, if it takes this long for files to be updated with their new states then it’s best to pick up another and add tradelines immediately.

I have another provider and he’s agreed to take on your Corp files, along with several other in your batch. He’s in Arizona and I’ll be flying down tomorrow for a few days so that I can see first hand how these corps are done. I wish I had more control over this phase of the NON PG funding but I don’t. We’re still 2-3 months away from being able to do this in-house.

You asked what the delay would be and my best guess is 7-10 days but I won’t know for sure until I get down there and see the new corps. It’s also possible that your original files get posted in the meantime and we immediately get you in for funding. I’ve spoken with all of our banks and they’ve agreed to keep us in place for funding, and we’re not starting the next batch until this one is in for funding.

I’ll have more info by tomorrow evening and you can expect your new corps and tradelines shortly thereafter”

Email from Pat Chester dated July 20, 2012:

“All clients in our current batch (including you and Sir) will have new corps between today and Monday. I’ll forward the corp names as soon as the certificates of good standing are issued, today or Monday.

Rest assured, all aged corps will be filed correctly with their new state and I will try and arrange a conference call as well.

I’m working on the updated timeline now and will relay that to you as soon as I know for sure when files will be ready for funding. I’m confident it’ll be a quick process but I don’t want to give you the updated funding date until I know for sure.”

Email from Pat Chester dated July 22, 2012:

“I continue to try and find a local reference or two for you to meet with. I’ll put you in touch as soon as I can find someone that has time in their schedule and willing to meet with you.

In the meantime, you’re corps will be done soon and tradelines added by Tuesday.”

We had asked Pat repeatedly to provide us some references of clients that he had funded, he said he would, and eventually sent us 2 names but we were never able to actually get a hold of either of them.

So we were issued 2 new corp names on July 24th.

Email form Pat Chester dated July 24, 2012:

“You’re new aged corps have been purchased and tradelines are set to be added to them this afternoon. I expect to have the Corp info and tradelines by tomorrow and will forward onto you.”


Email from Pat Chester dated Aug 1, 2012:

“Just a quick update for you. I anticipate your two files going in for funding by end of next week. I’m still waiting on the tradeline info and we’ll need your signature(s) on one or two forms. I’ll get that info over to you later today and as long as we have that by Friday we’ll be in good shape.

I’ve been consumed with getting your files, along with the others, ready for funding and as a result have been very busy. I’ll be in touch later today.”



These corps were out of Wyoming and we looked them up and found that they were active and in good standing, but not registered into our name.  But again, after many conversations and questions that Pat could not answer, these corps were never updated into our names or foreign filed with the proper state matching our business address.

Email from Pat Chester dated Aug 7, 2012:

“The worst thing about doing what we do, is that clients sometimes have preconceived thoughts about what we’re doing and whether or not we actually get people funded. We’ve taken many angry phone calls before and I’m sure there will be more in the future.

Let me be clear about a few things.

1) We offer full refunds upon request after 45 days. We’ve refunded people before simply because they weren’t patient enough to see the process through completion, or they simply got nervous.

2) We are at day 49 in the process of your files.

3) We’re working on 12 other files just like yours right now. I’ve been working on this nonstop and will continue to do so.

There are many variables and factors beyond our control in this process. I spent hours upon hours today talking with the banks, Dunn & Bradstreet, and our tradeline providers. All of these things are happening simultaneously, i.e, foreign filings, D&B updates, tradelines added, etc….. I have very little control over the corporation process and how and when your names are added or updated to your new corps.

What I can say is that we’re working hard on your files and will get them funded. What I can also say, is that we don’t respond well to demands. If you want to demand that we get these files funded right now then that won’t work. We’re happy to refund you in full and move on if that’s your position.

As I told Sir earlier, I’m expecting your files to go in for funding next Tue. I’ve also told Sir that I’ll get an updated and detailed status report to him based on recent events and that’s exactly what I’ll do. I’m still working on this and I’ll get it over to Sir as soon as poss.”


On August 8, 2012, as per Pat’s refund policy, if after 45 days they had not funded the corp you could request a refund, we requested a $2600 refund of one of the corps purchased.

Here is our email requesting the refund dated Aug 8, 2012:

“Hi Pat,

Per our conversation this morning your instructions to me was to email you with my request for refund of my money of $2600 for NON PG Aged Corp Funding.  You claimed you could get me funded within 35 days, but as of today, August 8, 2012 I don’t even have an Aged Corporation in my name.  You stated that your refund policy is after 45 days your clients can requested a refund.

Therefore, this serves as my written request for refund of $2600 of which I paid for NON PG Aged Corp funding back on June 19, 2012.  I did not receive any funding nor any Aged Corps in my name as of the date of this email from you as promised within 35 days of paying you the $2600.

It has been 50 days since I paid you $2600 to the start of process.”

Pat told us that the refund would be completed within a couple days but nothing happened….

We have an email from Pat on August 11, 2012, with him telling me again that one corp had been filed and was ready to go to funding within 24-48 hours and the refund for the other corp would be done that coming week. But no response in writing to our request for refund.

Email response from Pat Chester dated Aug 11, 2012:

“I received your vmail last night and here’s where we’re at. All paperwork regarding you and your Corp has been sent in to Idaho Sec Of State, your tradelines have been secured, and the banks are ready to go immediately upon receiving your file.

I will personally follow up with Idaho this week until they can confirm your info. Once that’s done and complete, everything else will fall into place within 24-48 hrs. Then I get your file and take it to the banks.

As you know, Sir requested a refund and he’ll be refunded this coming week. I understand you have concerns and if you feel you need a refund and can’t wait any longer then we will accommodate your wish. I will say however, you are close and your file will be funded in a matter of days and not weeks.”

Thanks Sir,


Email from Pat Chester 4 days later…Aug 15, 2012:

“Craig and I will be on a call at 5:30 today to dial in the details on your files. As can often be the case in this arena, delays happen and we do our best to minimize those. I will be as concise as I possibly can after the call and am still hoping to get in for funding this week.”


Here is our second written request for refund dated Aug 16, 2012:

“Hi Pat,

Per our conversation this morning your instructions to me were to email you with my request for refund in the amount of $2600 for NON PG Aged Corp Funding.  Of which you said you will return the funds in two business days.   You stated that your refund policy is after 45 days your clients can request a refund.

Therefore, this serves as my written request for refund of $2600 that I paid for NON PG Aged Corp funding back on June 19, 2012.  I did not receive any funding nor an Aged Corporation in my name as of the date of this email from you as promised within 35 days of paying you the $2600. It has now been 50 days since I paid you $2600 to start the process. I also paid $60 in wire fees because I had to wire the money twice.  Remember your bank had to return the money and I had to rewire the money a second time because of problems with your bank. You said you would reimburse me for the second wire fee, so please include that in the return of my money as well. “

Thank you.

We were not getting anywhere as you can see and we had been asking for a conference call with Pat and Craig for some time…but it never happened.

Email from Pat Chester dated Aug 16, 2012:

“We received some much needed good news last night and I will contact you later today to cover everything. Thanks for hanging in there!”


Email from Oat Chester dated Aug 20, 2012:

“Our providers will be in Boise on Wednesday to meet with Sec of State and get your Corp updated. This isn’t a common practice but they do have other business there as well so it’ll work out.

Today isn’t a good day for a conference call but I’d like to set it up for later in the week if you can make it. I’ll keep you posted on the day/time. Assuming your Corp is ready for me by Friday, I will immediately put in for funding. “


Our written response from the same day Aug 20, 2012:

“Yes we would like to do conference call with Craig and with your provider as we discussed as soon as possible.
Please stay on top of that.
What about Sir’s refund? We did not get it on Friday. Can we expect that today?”

Email from Pat Chester, his response dated Aug 21, 2012:

“Below are two times from which to choose for our conference call. I’m working with a few different schedules so this is the best I can do. Also,
Sir’s refund is being sent tomorrow (Wed) before 2pm, not as quick as hoped but it is happening.

Conf call times:

Saturday @ 7:30pm
Monday @ 9:00am”

Our written response fron the same day, Aug 21, 2012:


We would like to do Saturday @ 7:30pm,
please confirm and send me the conference line #.

Thank You”

No call ever happened….

Email from Pat Chester, he responds 2 days later on Aug 23, 2012:

“I’ve instructed and authorized my credit union to wire the funds. As of yesterday afternoon it hadn’t gone thru yet and I expect it to be successfully wired today. if there are any more problems or delays then I will simply do a direct deposit when I get back later tomorrow.

As we discussed yesterday, I’ll have the update on your file today.”



Email form Pat Chester, he delays more on Aug 24, 2012:

“Can you confirm the name on the chase acct please?


Later that same day Pat now introduces a new delay and “doesn’t know where we stand with regard to your Corp” see email below:

Email from Pat Chester dated Aug 24, 2012:

“I still haven’t heard back and don’t know exactly what form was needed and where we stand with regard to your Corp. I’m tired of trying to explain something for which I don’t have all the information. This is the problem with going thru a third party as you know. Just so you know, I’m also dealing with this on the remaining files in the batch just like yours.

After giving it some thought last night I’ve decided that the best thing to do is to take on this process ourselves right now and not leave it in the hands of a third party.

We have the ability to secure the tradelines ourselves, along with the other components, i.e, land lines, bank accts, etc….. I have no doubts that your Corp will be done correctly thru our providers but they don’t share the same sense of urgency that we do. I can’t continue to give you timelines based on what we expect if we’re not in control.

If you were content to wait out this process and go in for funding when your file is complete then we’d just let it run it’s course until ready. You’ve made it clear that you’re not willing to wait and have concerns about the foreign filing status with Idaho. That’s understandable. All of our clients want the funding now and when we have delays and questions then it causes frustration on both ends.

I’ve arrived at three options, let me know your preference.

1) We issue you a full refund of your deposit and continue to work on your file until it funds. Refund will be faster then Sir’s as we’re not going to wait around for our tradeline/Corp funds back from our guys in Az. We then would charge you the same back end percentage upon funding, along with the usual front end fees, after funding.

2) I’ll get all tradeline info, along with land line #, bank acct info, etc… and see if we can just take it over and get it filed with Idaho ourselves. As long as everything is in good order as far as tradelines and such, this may be a good option. This is what we discussed on the phone yesterday.

3) Full refund and move on. I’d be happy to refer you to some others in the business who are funding clients currently.

I’m doing the best I can for you and I can understand your frustration. However,when you continue to question me on the filing status and why it’s taking so long, and I don’t have the answers you want to hear, then it becomes very frustrating on my end as well.

Bottom line is that you need funding and I can do that for you. We just need to make sure the Corp file is ready to go in for funding.”


Email from Pat Chester also on Aug 24, 2012:

“Per our conversation earlier today, we will refund you in full for your deposit. This will in no way compromise you’re funding as I will continue to work on your behalf. We are all in agreement here that we have a bigger picture to keep in mind.

I’m headed back to town now and will send over the info regarding other funding opps tonight or in the morning. I also noticed that the funds have finally left our account, meaning the wire has been sent. I don’t know what time that happened today but I’d expect it to be in your account now or by M”

Email from Pat Chester dated Aug 27, 2012:

“Can you please confirm that the funds have hit your acct (2630). It should be posted by today.

We are purchasing the cert of good standing ourselves this morning for your Corp (Plan Tech Productions Inc.). We’re assigning all tradelines and such ourselves as I mentioned last week. Foreign filing will be done by us as well.”



“What about that “conference call with his partner Craig??”

This has continued on for well over 90 days now and Pat has never been able to prove that he has purchased a corp in our name…we have asked him many times. He even provided us, after many requests, a physical business address for his office as 13207, he said, “that was the number on the building”, he could not remember the cross streets; he gave a vague description that he “does not go there very often but it is between the Home Depot and Lowe’s parking lots” in Bellevue, WA, but the street address he gave us did not match the neighborhood. We drove to the location on September 24th and there was nothing there.  We even asked people in the local area including an employee of the Home Depot and he had no idea as to where the address we showed him would be, it made no sense whatsoever.

We have filed an official police report with the city of Auburn, WA and provided them with all the information and correspondence that we have.

There are key things to keep in mind here.

  • He was never able to show us that he had a valid business license.
  • He misled us from the very beginning with false statements and unverifiable information, including giving us a bogus business/office address when we went to see him.
  • He has never been able to give us any client references or provide us any verifiable proof that he has purchased the corporations, added trade lines or submitted foreign filings.
  • He did not perform according to the refund policy offered to us.
  • He insists that he has done nothing wrong yet does nothing to show us otherwise.


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